Orizons is a product of the company Ashoar Africa Digital Business and Development sarl with a capital of 1.000.000 cfa whose head office is established in Senegal, 37 Abdou Karim Bourgi – Dakar
Orizons is a marketplace in the form of mobile application android and ios under any support, website and any digital communication medium.
Orizons aims to put online all the known and ambitious economic actors of Africa and to provide them a significant development tool.
Digitization is a means of technological and digital deployment that has allowed the dazzling growth of many countries in the world.
Using these tools and putting them forward for African manufacturers and consumers allows the emancipation of the made in Africa, and the dynamization of all our sectors of activity throughout the world.

Orizons is thus a symbol of growth, success, development and emancipation.
Indeed we allow and put forward different aspects essential to the personal and industrial development in a tool based on :
-  safety
-  reliability
-  transparency
-  adapted and highly secure data hosting
-  safe payment methods
-  international delivery methods

In this "digital" economic environment, it is essential to make the experience as pleasant and safe as possible.
In this sense, we have used and adapted all the digital technical possibilities to allow the realization of this project.
Orizons puts forward 3 main axes of interest to online sellers and this at the international level :
1-  visibility
2-  creativity
3-  online sales

Communication :
Orizons has equipped itself with an extremely reliable communication service and has defined an international deployment in order to make visible and guarantee the presence of its subscribers on the worldwide network.