Business directory

1) Purpose
The purpose of the present subscription conditions is to define the conditions under which companies present their services on the O-rizons platform.

2) Identification
Any natural person or legal entity wishing to subscribe must fill in the identification form available on the O-rizons platform.

3) Publication
The photographs of the publications must be presented in the most faithful way possible to reality. In this respect, they can be published in the format ........
The companies must not publish false information or content that is discriminatory, racist, contrary to good morals, or not directly related to the services offered.

4) Remuneration
In return for their subscription on the O-rizons platform, companies are required to pay in advance the sum of ...... excluding VAT each year, semester.

5) Modification
ADBD SARL reserves the right to unilaterally modify the present contract, in particular to adapt it to the regulations in force.

6) Termination
If one of the parties fails to respect its obligations, the other party may terminate this contract, one month after a formal notice has remained without effect.
Subscribers may request to be removed from the business directory at any time by e-mail, without any claim to reimbursement of the sums acquired by ADBD SARL.

7) Applicable law
This contract is subject to Senegalese law.

8) Settlement of disputes
Disputes arising from this contract are settled amicably.
Failing that, they are submitted to arbitration of the Center for Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation of Dakar.