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Africa is the most resourceful continent and one of the best in the world for doing business.
The African economy is also one of the fastest growing economies in the world. That's why business opportunities are multiplying by the day.
Orizons African business directory, is here to help you get the most out of your upcoming projects in all African countries.
It provides you the possibility to find reliable suppliers, service providers, manufacturers, and agents in various industries based in Africa.


Once a category is clicked, the viewer will be directed to the dedicated main category page ( like From this latter page, viewer will click on a given company, and land on the specific business page / small business page).


The category search has to be ‘country-wise’ (in web version and in app version). Once a company is added from back admin (ex. Palm Drive Hotel, located in Ivory Coast), we should have a ‘Country assigning option’. Once a viewer lands on the Main Hotel page, he has the ‘All’ default layout at first (all hotels are listed), and then he can choose from a scroll-menu list a specif- ic country. If he selects Ivory Coast, only hotels located and listed in this country will be displayed


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