Becoming a vendor

1) Purpose
The purpose of the present subscription conditions is to define the conditions under which natural persons or legal entities sell their products on the Orizonsmarket platform.

2) Identification
Any natural person or legal entity wishing to become a seller must fill in the identification form available on the O-rizons platform.

3) Completion of the sections
The seller undertakes to fill in all the sections that appear on his account, including the general conditions applicable to the sale of his products, which must be formulated clearly and explicitly.

4) Products
The seller is required to present the products with a very clear description, including the following elements
- Technical characteristics
- Color
- Quantity
The photographs of the products must be presented as faithfully as possible to reality. In this respect, they can be published in the format jpg/png.
The product sheets must show their price including VAT, as well as the delivery costs and those inherent in the importation of products such as shipping costs.
The seller undertakes not to offer products prohibited by their quality or quantity, by the regulations in force in the State where their commercial activity is carried out, even less by those in force in the State of destination of the products.

5) Promotions and sales
Promotional offers and sales must be clearly labelled and precise as to their duration of validity and the products concerned.

6) Delivery
The seller must deliver the products in the quantity, quality, specifications and packaging specified in the order.
The seller must guarantee the buyer against eviction and defects of the products.
The seller is obliged to respect the delivery deadlines agreed with the buyers, except in cases of force majeure.
The seller is responsible to the buyers for any damage caused to the products during their transport, and it is the seller's responsibility to take action against the carrier.

7) Remuneration
In return for their subscription to the O-rizons website, sellers are required to pay in advance the sum of 80.000FCFA (excluding VAT) each year.
The company ADBD SARL takes a commission of 12% on each order, excluding shipping costs.

8) Revenues
Revenues from products sold in the first two weeks of the month are paid to the seller in the second two weeks of the month. The revenues from the products sold in the second half of the month are paid to the seller in the first half of the following month.

9) Publication
The salesman must not make publications with discriminatory, racist, contrary to the good morals, or without direct link with the proposed products.

10) Modification
ADBD SARL reserves the right to unilaterally modify the present contract, in particular to adapt it to the regulations in force.

11) Termination
If one of the parties fails to respect its obligations, the other party may terminate this contract, one month after a formal notice has remained without effect.
Sellers may request at any time their withdrawal from the Orizonsmarket platform, by e-mail, without claiming the reimbursement of the sums acquired by ADBD SARL.
ADBD SARL reserves the right to terminate the subscription of a seller who is the subject of several complaints from buyers, particularly for late delivery or lack of conformity of the products delivered.

12) Applicable law
This contract is subject to Senegalese law.

13) Settlement of disputes
Disputes arising from these general conditions of sale are settled amicably.
Failing that, they are submitted to the arbitration of the Center for Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation of Dakar.